Who can borrow films from the POV library?

Our films are available to community-based organizations, educators, NGOs, nonprofits, librarians, PBS station employees and other engaged community members. If you're not sure if you can borrow a film, just send us an e-mail: events(at)pov.org.

I homeschool my children and would like a copy of a film to show for educational purposes. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, we do not have home video licensing rights even if you are showing the film for educational purposes. We encourage you to come together with others in your community (e.g. your local library) to organize a screening.

I don't see the film that I want to borrow in your library. What does that mean?

If the film isn't listed in our library, then we can no longer lend out that film. Our apologies! If you are interested in purchasing the film, you can e-mail us at events(at)pov.org for distribution information.

What if I want to borrow more than one film at a time?

You are more than welcome to borrow more than one film at a time. Just create a new event for each screening in your POV account.

My film won't play. What do I do?

We recommend that you pre-screen your film when it arrives so that if there are any problems with the DVD, we have enough time to mail you a new one. If there isn't time to receive a new DVD in the mail, we'll work with you to make the screening happen, but please reach out to events(at)pov.org as soon as you discover an issue.

Help! I haven't received my film and I really need it.

DVDs ship approximately 4-6 weeks prior to your screening. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number included, so you'll know when to expect your package. If your screening is around the corner and you haven't received the film, please email us at events(at)pov.org.

Am I responsible for the cost of shipping the film back to POV?

Yes. To be more cost effective, you can use media mail if you like, as long as we get the film and audience evaluations back eventually! Unfortunately, if you do not return the film to us within a reasonable period of time, we will be unable to partner with you in the future.

I need to change my address or profile information. How do I go about that?

Once logged in, visit the My Profile section on the left hand sidebar to change your information, shipping address and account password.

How do I find available films?

Search the Film Library, where you can explore available POV Films to screen at an upcoming event, and sort by title or topic.

How do I request a new event?

In the My Events section on the left hand sidebar, you can request a new event, along with reviewing pending, approved and past events.

How do I submit an evaluation?

On the left hand sidebar, navigate to the Evaluation section, where you can tell us all about your POV screening.

Can I see stats about my partnership with POV?

Yes! The EVENT STATS section is where you can view the impact and numbers of all of your hosted events.

Where can I find promotional tools, suggested discussion questions and other materials for my screening?

Access POV's step-by-step guide to organizing a POV screening, film-specific promotional tools, discussion guides and other educational and engagement resources in the Materials section of the POV Community Network.

Can I see what screenings other POV partners are hosting?

Yes! View the upcoming events across the country on the POV Local Screenings Map.